Joining The Angler's Rest and Retreat in 2018


Hi Everyone!

My name is Noir Tuxedo de Auburn, but my friends and family just call me Tux.  I am a French Brittany Spaniel, and I became part of the Haulenbeck Family last October 2017.  I flew from Illinois to Washington State and finally landed in Bozeman, MT- do they give dogs frequent flyer miles?  Bob Clayton of Auburn Bretons raised me and trained me for the first 4 months of my life.  I liked it there because I had my brother and fellow French Brits to play with and most important, Bob's mom used to give me ice cream- that's good stuff!  In the picture above, Ric caught me in my first official "point," whatever that means!  All I know is I saw this bird (I think it's called a quail) and I just couldn't stop looking at him.  I can't believe I stayed on three legs for such a long time- you should try it sometime; it's really tiring.  Anyway, I'm about 7 months old here.  I'm almost 9 months now but some things don't change cuz well, I'm still a puppy.  That means I cry and piddle sometimes when I'm sad, mad, frustrated, excited and even happy.  I also like to chew on all kinds of things like plastic water bottles, electrical cords, and Ric's Simms sandles (uh oh, don't tell him about the last two).  But I have learned a lot already too: I now know what "Here," "Heel," "Go bird," "Whoa," "Give," and "Leave it" mean and most of the time I obey.  I complain a lot sometimes about the last two commands, especially "Give" when I have a quail or favorite toy or deer turds in my mouth.

I love to hunt and I love my family- I just wish they would let me in the house more often and that little Shitzue, Diesel, would play with me instead of growling at me.  Anyway, I can't wait to return to my wide open spaces at the Angler's Rest and Retreat cuz this Southern California lifestyle is a little too hot, distracting and confining for me.

I hope you all come by to say Hi this summer, so until then, "Ruff!"